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Home, where all our attempts come to rest. For me, stories have become a home, a bridge between the east and the west, through the worlds I create. They are not a means of escape, but a way to connect with my inner-self: A mystical writer, like myself.

Stories are ageless beings, not bound by the constraints of time and space. Even Einstein, with his understanding of relativity, would attest to this. Yet, the child within me longs for the past, for the memories of childhood, of home, family, friendship, and the best moments of our lives. Will stories ever replace these? I cannot say for certain. But I tell stories to live, to make the most of life. This is why I run, play the handpan, make movies, experiment, and tell stories. Perhaps, my stories will outlive me, surpassing any successes or failures I may encounter along the way. My newsletter is my digital journal, a mental chest of drawers. I welcome you to my newsletter, to my brain.

With love,


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"A pearl of wisdom, hidden in the depths of the sea"

Like a tale of old, The story of Ivan Agueli unfolds, Inked on pages yet to be filled, But the characters and plot already in motion. A journey to be embarked, Of love, loss and redemption, A novel yet to be written, But the tale already in my heart. This

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"Ink and Love: The Story of How Writing Taught Me to Cherish Myself, Rather Than Awaiting the World's Approval"

I began to pen my thoughts with the hope of winning the hearts of all, yet in the process, I discovered a love for myself. I no longer sought validation from others, for I knew that to be loved constantly is an impossible feat. This realization allowed me to accept

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"The Night of the Endless Hunt: A Story of Blood and Snow"

"Amidst the raging blizzard, the gray wolf stood outside his den, watching as his pack hunted the deer to their death. It was the night of the great hunt, a feast for the wolves that would last for weeks or months. But as the young wolf stepped out of the